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Seth!'s Journal

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Friday, July 9th, 2004
4:48 pm
guys, please dont put up pictures up of me doing shit anymore because to many little kids and brothers and sisters and fucked up parents read this and now my dads getting emails from people about me. Please take the ones of me personally that you have up there down. I am asking you as friends because this is really fucking up my life at home. thanks guys:)

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Monday, April 12th, 2004
10:53 pm
PLEASE PLEASE COME TO OUR SHOW (SLIK WILLY) THIS WEDNESDAY NIGHT!!! :) we are retarded and didnt advertise or put it on the site til tonight because we forgot it was so soon and now no ones gonna come and were on first and its a battle for $1000 bucks that we need to try to win for a trailor!!! please come support us and show love!~!!! All you fuckers are on vacation anyways and were on first at 8:30 for only 2 or 3 bucks! I love you
seth printer

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Friday, February 6th, 2004
5:51 pm

Ocean mist
www.oceanmist.net for directions
It will give you somethign to do instead of read livejournals!


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Wednesday, January 28th, 2004
11:59 pm - not me
Hey, that last journal entry was my girlfriend attempting to be funny.


current mood: hot and horney

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Monday, November 24th, 2003
3:26 pm
This saturday 11/29 @ the met cafe- Slik Willy, Bad Larry, Riley, and Alphatide Doors are at 8 come join the fun one more time at the met before it closes!

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Friday, November 21st, 2003
1:44 pm - SHOW!
Hey guys just tryin to get word out about our show next saturday the 29th at the met!!! If you wanna copy this and post it in your ljs to help us out thank you!

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Monday, August 4th, 2003
1:46 pm
hello- this is not seth. this is a different person and im bored as shit. i wish i left today but the flights were full. i cant wait to go. HA.

i wish my friends would hang out with me. im sure they would i just dont know where they are.
im pretty sad jenn isnt coming anymore. and i wish i could hang out with her today.

shilterbanh will never be the same


current mood: curious

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Monday, July 28th, 2003
2:09 am
All this stupid piece of shit live journal is good for is conflict. If everyone just talked shit out instead of writing and snooping through these stupid journals there would be so much less fighting and people would get along much better.

I dont care what any of you sarcastic people are going to comment about

Good night live journal you piece

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Sunday, March 9th, 2003
8:09 pm

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8:05 pm

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Sunday, February 23rd, 2003
7:27 pm - You, the people
This weeek fucking kicked ass!!!!!!! Agreed friends?!?!?! lol I want to go to bellas again and then partay!!!!!! we just need to find some dude out side and pay him 5 bux then land of beer here we come! haha I havent updated this in like 7 years. How is everyone hangin on? Ya guys having a good year and shit? I think this year has been treating me pretty good and im looking forward to seeing where the future takes me baby!
ATTENTION!!!:::: PLEASE COME TO SEE US(SLIK-WILLY) at Lupos! friday night @8 we really need the support cuz if we get a good amount of people we can play there again opening up for bigger bands!!!! Thank you!::)

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Saturday, December 14th, 2002
5:23 pm
Tonight I had soooo much fun!!!!!!!!!!!! I was hangin at my house when my dear called me and said she was comin to get me to have a night out with her and meet her mom. Her mom rules! shes so cool! first, we went to the mall, (it took like 45 mins to get there cuz me and law are braindead) then laws mom took us to eat at tgi fridays and it was damn nice of her. Tons of good food haah. After that was newberries, then to the christmas tree shop. It was a wicked lot of fun and I was so glad. I love my lady
good night

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Monday, December 2nd, 2002
5:18 pm
I feel like kicking the fucking shit out of someone.

over My Head (Better Off Dead) (sum41,and yes i did say this cd sucks but it grew on me)

What happened to you
You played the victim for so long now in this game
What I thought was true
Is made of fiction and I'm following the same

But if I try to make sense of this mess I'm in
I'm not sure where I should begin
I'm fallin'
I'm fallin'

Now I'm in over my head
for something I said
Completely misread
I'm better off dead

And now I can see
I think it could be
This hypocrisy is beginning to get to me

It's none of my concern
What is luck to me I don't believe in fame
I guess you never heard
I bet the makers they don't even know your name

But if I had to say goodbye to leave this hell
I think my time has served me well
I'm fallin'
I'm fallin'


This came all before
Those who suffer more
I'm too awake for this to be a nightmare

What's with my disgrace
I lost the human race
No one left for this to blow up in you face

Who said it was so easy to put back all of these pieces
Who said it was so easy to put back all of these pieces


Over my head
Better off dead

Over my head
Better off dead

Im really pissed off and mad and I dont know what to do.

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Tuesday, November 5th, 2002
9:37 pm
live journal sucks... and

I love my girlfriend

haha i just realized that is the only thing i have ever writen about in livejournal haha

Good night

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Thursday, October 24th, 2002
10:17 pm
Hey guys, its me seth. I miss some things to but ya know what? Im having a hell of a time this year and its still kicking and i think all this thinking about stuff we miss is depressing and if we keep thinking about it all the time, its not gonna change. People change and grow and we all have to come and accept it and I know its hard to do. But for some, if you enjoy the past so much and miss it so much and theres nothin to look forward to, then go back to it and forget what is happining now. Thats my advice take it or leave it my lovely friends!

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Sunday, October 13th, 2002
9:50 am
I am working til 2 now...Call me then!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Aladin....speaking of aladin...what the hell is his last name? I have been thinking about that for so long and ya know what...I really need to know. If anyone knows his last name, please leave a comment bashing me for how stupid and dumb I am for asking aladins last name. Thank you for your cooperation. Has anyone seen fight club? i wanna go see red dragon dammit...I think im gonna take larry bird to go see it before we go to the almighty noids and cftf show tonight. Rock over london, rock under seattle, wheaties breakfast for champions.
*if anyone can name what group/artist that is, I will personally congradulate you by shaving your chest

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Thursday, October 3rd, 2002
10:17 pm
Its been a while since I have actually wrote in this thing. I just read my ladys and decided to write in this. Life is good. I am extremley happy. Good night www.livejournal.com Ill probably update this when I have kids when im like 27 because i dont know how to cook soda.

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Thursday, September 26th, 2002
3:26 pm
Today sucked major dick. I hope the show tonight will be awesome. I hope tomarrow doesnt suck big ass either, at least at night itll be awesome at the party! I am lookin forward to that greatly. shit

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Sunday, September 8th, 2002
1:12 am
In The Last 48 Hours, Have You:
01. Cried: na
02. Bought something: yessss mahm
03. Gotten sick: semi
04. Sang: always
05. Eaten: grapes are good
06. Been kissed: tried to learn
07. Felt stupid: omg im an idiot
08. Wanted to tell someone you loved them, but didn't: nope
09. Met someone new: nope
10. Moved on: no
11. Talk to an ex: yep
12. Missed an ex: nope
13. Talked to someone you have a crush on: yes crush isnt the word
14. Had a serious talk: uhh yah
15. Missed someone: na
16. Hugged someone: yesssssssss
17. Fought with your parents: nope
18. Dreamed about someone you can't be with: Richie cunningham

Social Life:
01. Best girl friend: mic, jen, aly, mon,
02. Best guy friend: Willy
03. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: LAuren
04. If no, current dating partner:
05. Hobbies: reading short stories about how to be a gardener
06. Pager: no
07. Are you center of attention or the wallflower: donno
08. What type automobile do you drive: acord
09. What type automobile do you wish you drove: 67 mustang
10. Would you rather be with friends or on a date: a little of both
11. Where is the best hangout: The pond
12. Do you have a job: yes i hate it
13. Do you attend church: rarely
14. Do you like being around people: yes unless i feel like being a lone

01. Who is your role model: many
02. What is some of your pet peeves: nothing
03. Have you ever liked someone you had no chance with: haha yes i wrote a song about it
04. Have you ever cried over the opposite sex:Not yet
05. Do you have a "type" of person you always go after: no
06. Have you ever lied to your best friend(s): yes i told them that chris wasnt gay
07. Ever wanted to get revenge on someone because they hurt you: No, everyone will end up dead in the end so you mine as well be happy while you can
08. Would you rather be dumper or dumped: i really dont care if its gonna end you know it
09. Rather have a relationship or a "hookup": relationship
10. Want someone you don't have right now: no way
11. Ever liked your best guy/girl friend: hahah thats wahts cool she was like my best girlfriend first (sweet)
12. Do you want to get married: yes
13. Do you want kids: yes
14. Do you believe in psychics: No
15. Do you believe you know the person whom you will marry at this point in time: No
16. What is your favorite part of your physical appearance: my burns from work
17. What is your favorite part of your emotional being: my sense of smell
18. Are you happy with you: yesss sir
19. Are you happy with your life: wicked stoked, except when i fuck up with the mrs.
20. If you could change something in your life right now, what would it be: My underware
[ Current Clothes ] birthday suit
[ Current Mood ] sad
[ Current Taste ] asss (yes, i got this one from my girlfriends survey)
[ Current Make-up ] cover up
[ Current Hair ] short
{ Current Annoyance ] myself
[ Current Smell ] tomatoes
[ Current thing I ought to be doing ] slumbering
[ Current Desktop Picture ] the beach
[ Current Favorite Group ] finch
[ Current Book you're reading ] angelas ashes
[ Current CD in CD Player ] cold plays new one
[ Current DVD in player ] saving silvermen
[ Current Color Of Toenails ] toenail color
[.This Or That.]
[26]rock or rap: both
[27]pop or rap: both
[28]rap or r&b: rap
[29]rock or metal: rock
[30]rock or pop: rock
[31]linkin park or limp bizkit: limp
[32]tool or korn: korn
[33]selena or jenifer lopez: Jenifer Lopez
[34]hot or cold: hot
[35]winter or summer: summer
[36]spring or fall: spring
[37]shakira or britney: britney
[38]ICP or Eminem: Eminem
[39]Marilyn Manson Or Rob Zombie: Manson
[40]Kittie or Garbage: garbage
[41]mtv or vh1: mtv
[48]black or white: black
[49]orange or red: red
[50]yellow or green: green
[51]purple or pink: pink
[52]slipknot or mudvayne: Slipknot
[53]inside or outside: out
[54]weed or alcohol: beer
[55]cell phone or pager: cell
[56]pen or pencil: pen
[57]powerpuff girls or charlies angels: the angels
[58]scooby doo or dino: scooby
[59] pink or gwen: gwen
[62]tattoo or piercing: piercing
[63]prep or punk: both
[64]slut or whore: slut
[69]How Many People Have You Kissed: this many
[72]Still A Virgin: they dont call me mary for nothin
[74]How Many Hearts Have You Broken: dont know
[75]How Many People Broke Your Heart: 1 and a half
[79]Do You Go More By Looks Or Personality: Both
[80]Have to bee a good kisser: awesome but i suck at it i guess haha
[81]Ever Kiss A Friend: hah oh yes
[82]Are You Still Friends: of coarse!
[96]Are You A Vegitarian: meat=cool
[97]Do You Like Cows: yes

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Tuesday, September 3rd, 2002
8:34 pm
yea i am a geetar player.

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